OCT 2020 | EDITORS NOTE- An act of kindness, no matter how big or small can be a turning point in one’s life. A kind deed is never futile and has never been taken for granted. The ‘Peacock Foundation’ has been an enabler in making a difference in society for three years now. It strives to bring about a change, drive social initiatives, champion noble causes, uplift lives, and empower the marginalized communities in India. The #IamFSP t-shirt campaign, which was held in the 1st two years of the ‘Peacock Foundation’, was initiated to empower women and celebrate the spirit of being ‘Fearless, Strong and Positive’. As we enter our third year, we have a very special cover star who rose to fame for daring to dream big.

Maleesha Kharwa – a little girl with big dreams from the slums of Mumbai who dreams of becoming a model one day, is our cover star for the October Issue. The little girl, who earned the title of ‘The Princess of Slums’ is a ray of hope, and symbolizes that those who dare to dream big will soon find a way to make them come true.

For the ‘Peacock Foundation’, ‘Charity’ has been the binding theme bringing together NGOs who’ve been a large part of the social sector and setting examples of selfless service. The issue features 20 different NGOs who have phenomenally contributed to society. Not limiting the act of kindness to the big players, we bring you 20 short stories that show how a little effort goes a long way and how a random act of kindness can be immensely humbling. Charitable merchandise have been featured in fashion layouts for this issue. We have also featured some noteworthy people who have been associated with a noble cause or have done their part in giving it back to society by their virtues.

Rounding up, we have the cover featuring India’s top four celebrity stylists – Shaleena Nathani, Tanya Ghavri, Aastha Sharma, and Mohit Rai. The complementary cover celebrates the four game-changers of fashion and Bollywood.



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