The adage “beauty isn’t skin deep” found its true calling last year. The forced home imprisonment and the curfew on actions hitherto labelled “normal” made us hit the pause button. With an absolute suddenness, life bestowed upon us the blessings of the single most inadequacy – the grand master named Time. Time flew into our lives like a river unleashed, unbound by any constraint of work, stress, deadlines! Yes, our life sure changed!

With salons having taken a walk out of our lives and home beauty and personal care services cut out, the world saw the fairer gender take a deeper interest in fitness and skin and hair care. As women across the globe flustered over wild locks, unpolished nails, and frizzled hair, they largely refocused to another goal – health. Yes, as skin and hair health took precedence over superfluous cosmetics, healthy looking skin and hair took centerstage over glamour. As lockdowns eased and the world slowly got back on its feet, we saw a surge in some sectors in beauty.

What 2020 witnessed was a seminal change in how consumers thought and behaved – a sobering jolt to brands who were struggling in their endeavor to ramp up product offerings, focusing more on natural ingredients and long-lasting care. Health took precedence over cosmetic beauty. Here was a time when we could keep those harmful UV rays out of our lives for a good part of the time.

Beauty and personal care brands took note of key changes.

  1. The magnificent client has emerged more self-sufficient in taking care of her skin and hair, one who was less dependent on chemical help. At home DIY hacks e.g. manicure, pedicure, hair dye and home-use face masks became a habit.
  2. A surge in support towards local shopping and the neighborhood store was evident, in an attempt to help sustain their small businesses.
  3. Glam took a backseat, with a marked decline in the use of cosmetics, perfumes, highlighters, and concealers. Refocus on cleanliness and hygiene took centerstage.
  4. As soap, sanitizers, and masks stormed into our lives, beauty brands prepped their game to enter this sector, with a touch of beauty and a pinch of glamour. Fancy prints and cute bottles were their way of saying hello to a sanitized world.
  5. Oral care surged and big brands got back to their study desk in researching how toothpastes and mouthwashes could help keep the virus at bay.
  6. Cosmetics usage witnessed a comeback with the rise in video conferencing. However, usage of brands with organic and natural ingredients ruled.
  7. With a need for calm and self-healing, yoga and meditation became a tool for many. Brands in these fields saw a rise in their sales of apparels, instruments, and other such needed accessories.
  8. In all of these, the interactive social platforms boomed in an unparalleled surge. With lockdown and fear reigning high, most took to the digital wisdom of experts, influencers, and health pundits on go-to tools and quick hacks at home to get that perfect body, skin, and hair.
  9. Concern for the environment and a lasting realization of how Mother Earth has been abused for way too long led to Green/Sustainable trends in fashion and beauty. Herbal, organic and naturals met a demand of the now conscious consumer.

Calm is the new in. Serenity is the new goal. Superficial is slowly being won over by basic and natural. While we all still need to look as beautiful as ever before, perhaps with a new zeal, we now seek an inner glow. Cheers to this new way of life, cheers to fresh beauty, which isn’t skin deep!


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