As we begin the year, with a fresh list of resolutions and goals, let’s make self-care, wellness, inner-happiness and mental health our priorities. It’s okay to put yourself first, it’s okay to say, ‘no’ in a situation that makes you unhappy, let 2018 be the last year you lived with anxiety and uncertainty. Life is not a rat race, and we are certainly not fighting for the same spot, it’s a journey designed differently for all. Having lived in a society that has constantly pitted us against each other – by trying to make it all a competition – whether it’s about education or a job – lets set an example by being the generation that is secure and content. A youth that focuses on self-growth while simultaneously anchoring the growth of others, even on top, there’s room for more than one.

As young 20-something-individuals we mark our success milestones by our jobs, relationships and financial growth, but how often do we realize that none of these actually define the true pursuit of happiness? How many times have materialistic possessions converted into the truest form of joy, like as kids, the first rain, or an ice-cream cone on a summer day did? Little childhood pleasures would bring out beaming smiles that expensive treasures of today cannot match. As much as we like staying in control of our lives, by trying to make it picture perfect, life and it’s precious moments continue to happen when we are busy running behind superficial agendas. A generation that thrives on super-fast everything – right from food deliveries, relationships to an internet connection, seizing the little moments and savouring life slowly, is an art we need to learn.

Let’s reflect on success with the friendships we built along the way and relationships we nurtured while we grew in life. Eliminate the white noise that constantly makes you question your self-worth and start by positively talking to and about yourself. It’s the biggest gift you can give yourself while starting another journey or 365 days. Replacing your ‘can’t’ with ‘can’ isn’t just a motivational exercise people preach, it’s a way of living that changes your mindset when practiced with all honesty. Working towards something you want, while still being grateful for what you have is how you learn to channelize positivity and be happy irrespective of the situation. Being ambitious while feeling self-sufficient is a reality check that needs to be taken seriously. Choose to be happy over everything, find it in smaller things like watching sunsets, taking a walk, petting a dog, and sipping that evening coffee while making conversation with your loved ones. The big job, the promotion you’re waiting for, and the love you’re seeking will all come to you – meanwhile live the life you’re currently enveloped in with utmost enthusiasm and zest.

Indulge in taking care of yourself, without waiting for anyone else for doing the same. Look after your health, feed your soul and mind, and strive for better physical and mental health. Maintain a work-life balance; learn to switch-off from your day job. Inculcate activities in your routine that helps you manage your stress like running, meditating, laughing heartily or by starting a journal. Most importantly pay attention to your life, notice whether you’re actually living or just existing? And if you’re not it’s about time you make these life-altering changes for a better today and tomorrow.



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