Maui Blue

Pantone’s Maui Blue strikes a balance of understated chic and seamlessly moves from the serene streets of Hawaii to the vibrant energy of New York. Its subtlety complements casual moments elegantly, yet transforms into a dominating hue, embracing opulence and drama in silhouettes that demand attention.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn

A new Apple TV+ docu-series charts the rise and fall of former Renault and Nissan boss-turned-disgraced international fugitive. The series, based on the book Boundless: The Rise, Fall and Escape of Carlos Ghosn also explores the vast, murky terrain of international mega wealth, corporate intrigue and shady financial dealings.

Karan Johar

Renowned for his sartorial flair, Johar consistently aces distinctive looks, fearlessly experimenting and revelling in the joy of fashion with his own style. In his recent famous talk show episode, he sported a bespoke Falguni Shane Peacock blazer-jacket embellished with crystals, exuding impeccable dapper charm.


For Falguni Shane Peacock, shine and shimmer are paramount–taking their designs to glamorous heights. Here, Kiara Advani embodies this ethos flawlessly, exemplifying the fashion house’s affinity for extravagance with her impeccable style that resonates in every sequin, crystal, and shimmering detail in every ensemble.

Villa Pliniana, Lake Como

Situated by the shores of Lake Como, Villa Pliniana is a luxurious masterpiece. This historic property is opulent, surrounded by lush gardens and boasts breathtaking lake views. Its grandeur, rich history, and stunning architecture make it a premier destination for discerning travellers seeking unparalleled luxury.

The Edgy Jacket

Jackets with an edgy-chic vibe are ingrained in the Falguni Shane Peacock’s DNA, exemplifying contemporary style. Tara Sutaria—as seen here, effortlessly embodies this ethos, showcasing the versatility of these jackets, whether paired casually or dressed up to make a distinctive fashion statement.


The pantsuit reigns supreme as the epitome of power dressing, favoured by the ‘Peacock Woman’—fearless, strong, and positive. Sonakshi Sinha, as pictured here, sported a bold and vibrant red Falguni Shane Peacock pantsuit that struck a balance between formal and fun.



Feathers, integral to Falguni Shane Peacock’s brand identity, have adorned their ensembles since inception, evolving into a signature element. From the early days to the present, feathers remain a sartorial mainstay. Sonakshi Sinha adorned one such feather-full ensemble for a music video with a leading Indian singing sensation.


They say ‘When in Rome, do like the Romans do’. But it is impossible to follow the Romans, or anyone for that matter, when you’re completely lost in the beauty of this capital city of Italy. The history, art, architecture, monuments, museums, culture, culinary traditions—all add up to make it a one-of-a-kind destination.

Best of Sylvestre Wahid

Today, with two Michelin stars on his sleeve, chef Sylvestre Wahid is truly one of the most coveted chefs everyone’s talking about. Find a piece of him and his cooking tips in his book for those who aim to cook with finesse under his guidance.


David Beckham’s docu-series is an ode to his incredible journey in the world of football and beyond. From his early days at Manchester United to his career with England and his successful stints at various clubs worldwide, the show captures the essence of his sporting prowess.


Actor Maria Bello in this sheer ensemble by Falguni Shane Peacock epitomises sensuous allure and effortlessly brings together edginess and elegance—a hallmark of the brand DNA. The ensemble reflects the brand’s affinity to redefining themselves–and fashion–with a daring and edgy style while also embodying a refined touch and elegance.

Rock Chic

Falguni Shane Peacock epitomises the rock-chic vibe—an element integral and evident since their debut collection two decades ago featuring bodysuits. Kelly Rowland effortlessly raises the style stakes with this edgy-chic black and gold sheer number styled with a similar long coat.

Spinning Gold

In the 1970s, Neil Bogart transformed the music industry by founding Casablanca Records. With clients like Donna Summer, KISS, and others, the label, alongside a dedicated team, reshaped musical history, leaving an indelible mark and forever altering the industry landscape.


Kiara Advani played showstopper at the Lakme Fashion Week 2023 where she sashayed down the ramp in a sheer, strapless, corseted gown in midnight black and golden hues, adorned with crystals, sequins, and beads—making the look work well for an evening do.

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