Radhika Apte Magazine Cover

Radhika Apte has upped the ante as a performer amidst an industry that has forever patronized the glamorous quintessential Bollywood actress. She never checked-in the boxes, instead, created her own. People may not reminisce her onset in the movies, but lately, her monarchial presence across all entertainment platforms has been triumphant. An actor of her caliber doesn’t need to abide by the rules of mainstream cinema; irrespective of the genre, role or screen space her conviction remains unsolicited. You may love, hate, or disagree with the character she plays, but you cannot oust a single performance as mediocre. Be it her portrayal of a woman with layered complexities, in ‘Lust Stories’ or that of a resilient, no-nonsense taking agent, in ‘Sacred Games’ – Apte’s name is synonymous to indelible acting. It’s almost refreshing to have a protagonist whose screen presence can divert the attention of her male counterpart.

For the first anniversary cover of The Peacock Magazine, it was only befitting to have an actor whose face represents liberating cinema and has been churning path-breaking roles, regardless of the inhibitions around them. To a highly intrigued cinemagoer, Radhika’s omnipresence in multiple projects simultaneously hasn’t diluted the authenticity she brings to every single one of them. While we may not ever be tired of discussing her exceptional body of work, we decided to reroute our conversation towards fashion. Apte behind the camera is as real as she is in front of one; her simplicity exuberates from the easy-going demeanor with which she carries herself. Her love for all-black clothing is something every girl will identify with. In a quick tête-à-tête, we discovered her fashion pet peeve and the actress whose wardrobe she’d absolutely raid.

[Q] Are you a maximalist or does less is more work for you?
“Always less is more.”

[Q] As we know Personal style evolves with time, so what are you currently into?
“Always in comfort clothes, my style hasn’t really changed much. It’s mostly been mono tones in well fitted or comfy clothes.”

[Q] What is your take on trends, do you like to be upkeep or you like being a non-conformist when it comes to fashion?
“I never keep up actually. I completely rely on my stylists to dress me. Of course, I always opt for easy, light and simple.”

[Q] With androgyny having a major moment, what’s your take on gender-less dressing?
“Totally into it, I have always been drawn to it. I love to celebrate the masculinity in women and femininity in men and this genderless dressing is totally up my alley.”

[Q] Are you experimental when it comes to fashion, or do you leave it completely up to your stylist?
“I leave it completely to my stylists and designer friends.”

[Q] What are your wardrobe staples and the color you can’t stop wearing?
“Always black, I own many black dresses basically.”

[Q] A celebrity whose style you identify the most with and why?
“Love what Kangana wears. I would love to wear most of them.”

[Q] What has been the most outrageous fashion moment of your career so far?
“Some disasters happened when I had to wear something because I had no other option and you try to make it work but it just doesn’t.”

[Q] Are you more into couture or vintage shopping?
“Vintage, my London wardrobe is sort of that.”
[Q] Do you have a fashion pet peeve?
“I can’t wear fur, neither real nor faux.”

[Q] If you could raid an iconic movie/television character’s wardrobe, whose will it be and why?
“It will be Annie Hall because it’s a classic character and it has an old-school charm about it.”

[Q] If you could pick a yesteryear fashion era which one will it be? 60’s chic-glam, rock-punk 70’s 0r 90’s grunge?
“70s Rock punk.”

[Q] Lastly, what does Radhika Apte dress like when she’s not facing the camera or hitting a red carpet?
“Clothes not ironed, clothes I’ve been wearing for years and haven’t been ready to let go.”


Photography by- Colston Julian
Stylist- Agneesh Banerjee
Make Up by- Kritika Gill
Hair by-Kritika Gill 
Jewellery by-Gehna Jewellers,  Roopa Vohra Fine Jewellery and Farah Khan Fine Jewellery
Shoes- Steve Madden

Producer- The Artist Collective 



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