Its 2018, but how many female DJ’s do you spot while you’re hitting the club on a Friday night? Trust Nina and Malika to be the torch bearers and change that. Leading the pack from the front, DJ’s Nina Shah and Malika Haydon could easily give supermodels a run for their money, but the duo would much rather steal it from the boys. Making it into the flourishing music scene in India, both Malika and Nina faced their share of stereotypes. The modelesque beauties have performed at music festivals like Sunburn and every elite urban club you can think of. The dynamic ladies have proven their metal by showcasing their discrete spin on famous chart topping numbers. Their collaboration with artist Zaeden, on the song, ‘Never Let You Go’ cemented their position in the Indian music domain. The girl gang of two – Nina and Malika have been friends all their lives and have travelled together for most part of it. The allegiance between the girls, effortlessly translates into their dynamic body of work. There is an underlying chemistry, which can only come from years of camaraderie. They have together paved the way for aspiring women musicians in the country, who want to break from the regular norms and create an unconventional path.

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