1. If you look back at your work, what would you consider to be your best till date?
There are pictures from different shoots or scenes from different films where I am happy with the makeup, but overall I find it hard to be satisfied with my work – I only see the mistakes!

2. One makeup look/ product you regret trying?
None that I can think of professionally, but on myself, I remember as a teenager having an incorrigible love of Pearl & Shine Lip Tint.

3. The makeup product you can’t get enough of?
RMS beauty Eye Polish! Aside from being gorgeous products, they’re also vegan, organic and don’t have plastic packaging.

4. Your top tips for people who want to achieve flawless skin?
Make-up will only do so much. A healthy diet, plenty of water and sleep are crucial.

5. One makeup tip for all those following YouTube tutorials?
Less is more! I would never apply as much make-up on a client as I see being used in many of the popular videos. They’re great for tips and inspiration, but remember not to use make-up as a mask.

6. Any makeup artist you personally look up to?
Isamaya Ffrench

7. What is the best part about being a make-up artist?
That I can be creative every day.

8. And what is the one downside to the same?
Can’t think of anything!

9. 3 beauty products you can’t live without?
Illamasqua Bronzing Duo, Cover Fx liquid highlighter, Lime Crime Velvetines.

10. One beauty/ makeup tip would like to give to our readers out there?
Make-up should be about play, not about covering ‘flaws’ – so have FUN with it!

11. Contour or highlight?
Depends on the face.

12. Eyes or lips?
For me, lips.
13. Matte or gloss?
I hate lip gloss. Love a glossy eye though.

14. Nude or smokey?

15. What is the one make up mistake that a lot of people end up making?
Mascara smudges on their lids and cheeks.

16. What makeup trend/ hack do you dislike the most right now?
Over-lined lips aren’t for me, but great that it works for other people.

17. You go-to brand for makeup products?

18. The celebrity you personally love working with?
I’ve been very lucky to work with celebrities who trust and respect my work, I couldn’t choose one over the others though!


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