Elevate your style with the Longines Conquest Heritage Power Reserve

By Anita Khatri Luxury Expert & Consultant – India, Fondation De La Haute Horlogerie, Geneva


Longines, the renowned Swiss watch brand synonymous with elegance and a distinctive attitude, was founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz, along with lawyers Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel, under the name Raiguel Jeune & Cie. The name “LONGINES” is exclusive in the watchmaking world because, unlike many other brands that are often associated with a family name or a founder’s surname, Longines derives its name from a geographical region. Specifically, it takes its name from the area of Saint-Imier, located in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. The brand has deep roots in this region, and its name reflects both its geographical origin and the enduring connection to the craftsmanship and heritage of the area. This geographical association adds a unique dimension to Longines’ identity within the watch industry.

With this rich history traditionally rooted in watchmaking, Longines (almost a 200-year-old brand) is celebrated for its timeless designs, precision, and commitment to sophistication. Despite being considered an affordable luxury, the brand attracts a discerning clientele who values its unique blend of heritage, craftsmanship, and elegant style over higher-priced alternatives.



Longines stands at the forefront of Swiss horological innovation, dedicated to both revolutionising the watch industry and safeguarding its enduring heritage. As one of the world’s oldest luxury watch manufacturers still actively producing timepieces, Longines has carved a prominent niche in the realm of sports. The brand proudly serves as the Official Timekeeper for prestigious events such as the Kentucky Derby, various equestrian competitions, racing, and alpine skiing.

With its historical connection to horse racing—a sport renowned for its affluent clientele and where precise timekeeping is paramount—Longines has become an indispensable partner. The brand’s association with this sport emerged from a necessity for unparalleled accuracy. During this period, Longines introduced the chronograph, initially designed to measure 1/10th of a second, showcasing their commitment to precision. This dedication continued to evolve as Longines later pioneered the creation of a chronograph capable of measuring an astounding 1/100th of a second, further solidifying its position as a leader in the world of accurate timekeeping.

Even when it comes to Quartz, Longines watches exude exquisite craftsmanship, where elegance is just one facet of their appeal. Their unparalleled accuracy is truly remarkable. A notable example is the Longines Conquest VHP ref. 4952 was introduced in 1984, featuring a 33-mm diameter case and housing the first Longines VHP quartz movement, the calibre 276 V.H.P. (Very High Precision). This movement guarantees a variation of plus or minus one minute over 5 years, showcasing a level of accuracy that is five to ten times superior to a conventional quartz watch. For those new to the watch enthusiast’s realm, selecting a Longines Quartz timepiece not only ensures refined elegance but also guarantees precision that aligns seamlessly with its sophisticated aesthetics.

Longines offers a diverse range of iconic watch models, including the Master Collection, Conquest, Flagship, Heritage, and DolceVita.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the “Conquest” model’s launch, Longines introduces the CONQUEST HERITAGE CENTRAL POWER RESERVE for 2024. This unique timepiece pays tribute to a historic model from 1959, featuring a distinctive power reserve indicator on rotating discs in the centre of the dial. This innovative mechanism, invented by Longines, offers a poetic representation of the passage of time.

The Conquest Heritage Central Power Reserve boasts a meticulously redesigned 38 mm steel case, featuring a skilful blend of satin-finished and polished surfaces, all crowned by a box sapphire crystal. The three-part dial, which comes in champagne, anthracite, or black options, is adorned with twelve applied faceted hour markers in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver tones. Delicate circular threading elegantly separates the faceted hour markers and defines the minute track on the stationary dial. Positioned at 12 o’clock, the date window showcases a trapezoid-shaped applique for added visual appeal. The hour and minute hands, styled like skyscrapers and enhanced with Super-LumiNova® coating, contribute a distinctive and luminous touch to the overall design.

The power reserve mechanism of the Conquest Heritage Central Power Reserve is ingeniously designed with two rotating discs positioned at the centre of the dial, encompassing the hand stack. As the mainspring undergoes winding, either through movement or manual winding, the outer disc follows a clockwise rotation, sequentially displaying larger numbers as the power reserve increases. The numbered outer disc remains in rotation until reaching the “64” alignment with a black rectangle on a baton located on the inner disc. At this point, the two discs harmoniously rotate together, signalling that the watch is fully wound with an approximate power reserve of 64 hours. Subsequently, as the watch is in operation, the inner disc undergoes a counterclockwise rotation until the black rectangle indicator reaches “0” on the outer disc, marking the end of the power reserve and the cessation of the watch’s ticking. The transparent screw-down case back reveals the new exclusive Longines L896.5 calibre, equipped with a silicon balance spring for enhanced magnetic resistance. The watch is available with black or grey leather straps, featuring a new steel pin buckle.

To conclude, the Conquest Heritage Central Power Reserve exemplifies Longines’ watchmaking expertise, timeless elegance, and dedication to innovation–making it a timepiece to eagerly anticipate owning. For enthusiasts, Longines remains a cherished brand that beautifully combines history, innovation, and enduring appeal.

I personally own a Longines Hydroconquest Quartz, and its timekeeping precision has been impeccable— not a second off. Frankly, my appreciation for Longines watches runs so deep that I wouldn’t hesitate to add another variant to my collection. The allure of Longines captivates me to the extent that I find myself repeatedly checking their website, eager to explore new offerings and possibly discover my next cherished timepiece




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