[1]- Quality Products –
Your hair needs TLC, so you must indulge in better quality products. Shampoo your hair well and use a good conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners as products with correct pH balance will help in making your hair shiny. Opt for good anti-static, round hair brushes, safe hair hot tools, and other quality-assuring products.

[2]- Professional Hairstylist –
Invest in a professional hairstylist and colorist. A good hairstylist will tell you what is good for your hair. This is extremely important because they know all the hair types and choose the products accordingly. Investing in good products is like half the battle won.

[3]- Grooming –
If the hair is trimmed regularly and kept in good shape, it will always look very well-groomed even if it is curly. Normally when the hair is not looked after, it looks very dull and dry. So, trim regularly, use extra moisture or do protein treatments which will make your ends look more controlled and well-groomed. Also, go for hairstyles which are not heavily layered because if you keep your hair straight, it always looks shinier.

[4]- Lustrous Locks –
For shiny hair, you must eat a lot of proteins by including nuts in your diet. Amongst the greens, aloe vera is a very good natural product. Biotin is a good multivitamin which will make your hair stronger from within. Massage your head once-a-week because blood circulation will enhance your hair growth and make the hair look naturally shiny as the natural oils will reach the ends.

[5]- Monsoon TLC –
In this weather, especially when its raining and there is too much moisture in the air, it is impossible to keep the hair frizz-free. So, you should always protect it from extra moisture by covering it with a scarf or bandana when you’re outdoors and just dry the hair so that the moisture doesn’t make it curly again.



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