Frida Wannerberger
Award-winning fashion and lifestyle illustrator Jason Brooks is a ‘creative genius’ who veered towards the world of art at a young age of 6. He was already a freelance artist by the time he was a teen, who was being commissioned illustrations by sports companies. With a bachelor’s degree from Central Saint Martins college and a master from The Royal College of Art in London, Brooks spearheaded the world of art and led the way as a master of bold and impactful contemporary imagery. His work is rooted in classic fine art drawing that captures the imagination and creates a glamorous, aspirations world. Soon he earned an international reputation for his uniquely outstanding visuals. He explored different industries and streams such as advertising, beauty, fashion, character designing, travel and lifestyle, packaging, publishing, live events, etc. where he was commissioned by the bigwigs of the respective industries. Brooks is also credited to be one of the first artists to bring computer technology into the field of fashion and illustrative art. His work has been selected to feature in a number of books including 100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Laurence King), Fashion Illustration Now (Thames & Hudson), Stylishly Drawn (Harry Abrams Inc.) and on the front cover of New Icons of Fashion Illustration (Laurence King).
Frida Wannerberger


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