Jacqueline Fernanadez Magazine Cover

Jacqueline Fernandez might, after all, be the master of all trades. The Srilankan actress is predominantly known for her commercially successful films but her name today is associated with multiple industries. She is a successful restaurateur, partner with a health food brand and has her own athleisure line. While juggling between these time-consuming roles, she ardently campaigns for animal rights alongside PETA and Body Shop.

With over a decade-long withstanding career, Jacqueline Fernandez has been the leading lady in several blockbuster films. Even when the starlet shares screen space in multi-star cast films, the ingenuity in her performance remains intact. Apart from creating her own place in the constantly changing equation of Bollywood, she has also managed to elevate the fitness scale in the industry. You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t seen Fernandez’s Instagram videos where she’s acing Pilates, Yoga, and Pole dancing like it’s all a walk in the park. Her infectious energy beams of positivity and that’s the kind of vibe she attracts. Her passion for food was translated into her restaurant Kaema Sutra in Colombo, Srilanka. The Srilankan diva articulated the regional cuisines by adding a modern twist to them. Her athleisure line caters to the fitness enthusiasts across the country providing them with a wide range of comfy-chic workout gears. With a successful line-up of entrepreneurial ventures and a wide range of films in her kitty, Jacqueline Fernandez is just getting started.


Photography by- Vikram Pathak
Stylist- Newheart Ohanian
Make Up by- Shaan Muttathil
Hair by-Brittan White
Location Courtesy- Andaz 5th Avenue New York City



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