“After years of wishful thinking and negotiations, we decided that our brand will finally launch our first ever menswear line at Lakme Fashion Week .

In an age when very soft toilet paper and certain types of overpriced bread are marketed as “Luxury”, it’s tricky to remember what “Luxury” actually means.

With this collection,we are referring back to a period in the seventies when there was a lot of cultural and social movement. This felt very similar to the moment we are in right now. We wanted that to come across in this show.

The label’s sexy-loucheness is evident in this collection as well. The collection is for the millennial generation who hold the power right now.

This collection has mixed relaxed suiting in light greys, pastel-pink infused disco sportswear suits, graphic silk bombers, “Millennial pink” deconstructed shell suits, conspicuous branding, intricate embroidery topped sumptuous fabrication! Big, bold everything! We are also making it all instantly shoppable.

This collection is also packed with a palette of pastel pinks and blues spliced with black bruised charcoal, leather jackets, tight trousers, high-shine pompadours , fur-collared jackets , epsom coat in cashmere and embroidered velvet slippers. This collection has a healthy dose of sparkle to appeal to a younger audience.”

Our shirts with the “FSP millennial’s” labels sewn onto the back, should server to convince you that- you are shady”!

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