HORRORSCOPEAquarius – Air being their prime element, (considering they are perpetually floating in it) the sign rules the circulation of human body. Known for developing cold feet (figuratively and literally) Aquarians are perpetually shuddering under dropping temperature. Our fashion advice to you would be to keep a sweater handy, to beat the constant cold. Although, the sweater will only keep your exterior warm, we don’t really know what to suggest for that cold heart.

Colour for Aquarian: Blue and stone-cold Grey
Lucky number – 7 & 2

 Aries – This sign is known for their courage and confidence, probably what they use to make up for their sense of style. Since, leadership (*cough* bossing) comes naturally to them; they should stick to dressing up in uniforms. Oh, and let’s not forget the belt, but maybe wear it around the mouth?

Colour for Aries: Medi(ochre)
Lucky number – 6 & 9

 Taurus – Generally people under this sign are unsociable introverts and more than often they dress up and choose to remain home. Since they are not big on mingling, they can chew on their fashion sense in hibernation. Try making friends and some real friends as the Internet does not count.

Colors for Taurus: Ditch earthen tones (brown, green and olive) for fun colours like pink and red.
Lucky number – 6 &5

Gemini – Since you’re very quick to adapt and learn, a crash course in styling would definitely do no harm. Maybe then you’ll dress age appropriate instead of aping those around you. According to facts Gemini’s have won the most number of Nobel Prizes and if by severe luck you get your fashion act together, you may stand a chance too.

Colors for Gemini: Try avoiding any color that that gets you sarcasm coated compliments.
Lucky number – 9 & 14

 Cancer – Ruled by their emotions, this sign often takes things too deeply and are sensitive to a fault. Since you’ll are all about the water works, rounding your look up with a scarf would have serve style and functional purposes. Although, your smile can save the day but wipe it off when you’re being complimented on your style, that’s when you get a stylist immediately on board.

Colors for Cancer: Shades of red
Lucky number – 2 & 7

 Leo – Walking around the place with entitlement like a royalty comes naturally to a Leo and are commonly known to blur the line between passion and aggression. If every once in a while you decide to get off your high horse of fierceness, you can experiment with more styles instead of being caged by monotony. Use that bossy demeanor in power dressing and you’d definitely have more chance at becoming tolerable. Pro tip: try wearing the dress every once in a while and don’t always outweigh it with your over bearing personality.

Colors for Leo: Gold (mimic the mighty lion)
Lucky number – 1 & 5

– Known for their knit picking abilities, Virgos are often too invested in the detail and end up micro-managing it all. Earth being their element, they are often scorched to the ground by their peers making them the butt of all the jokes. Especially when it comes to fashion, they don’t get the last laugh. Virgos should step out of their self-absorbing bubble and take more risks with fashion.

Colors for Virgo: Orange

Libra – Your harmonious co-existence makes you just ‘exist’ and not thrive to be better. While you love and endorse peace but your indecisiveness and lack of spine can make you everyone’s scut monkey. As little as your input is in making life decisions it’s even lesser when it comes to fashion. You may get away with aping trends, but how will you borrow originality.

Lucky Numbers – 6 & 15
Colors for Libra – Green, but not like with envy please.

Scorpio – Your overzealous (over-the-top) demeanor can make you unnervingly difficult to bear. Dial down on the ferocity and take notes as there are other people walking the face of the earth too, along with you and not behind. How about a quick course on learning sportsman spirit with additional few lectures on taking ‘no’ for an answer? While dressing in all-black for spring/summer/autumn may be ‘cool’ to you, but watching you dress like you’re attending a funeral everyday can be unpleasant on the eye.

Lucky Number – 9 & 18
Colors for Scorpio – Any color that doesn’t channel your inner Morticia Adam!

Sagittarius –
Curiosity killed the cat so you might just want to tone it down. All that optimism and synopsis on happiness until the real world hits and you’re just as miserable as the rest. The people under this sign are known to be the motivators but there’s not enough motivation in the world to get on board with your mundane sense of style. Somebody needs to fix that before you raid your grandmother’s closet entirely.

Lucky Number – 5, 3 & 8
Colors for Sagittarius – Opt for more blue and white.

Capricorn – Poster faces for all the introverts out there, Capricorns lead the way from the front, or not, because they are probably too shy to get out of hibernation. Their world exists under the nutshell they have created for themselves. They are not very big on taking risks, which reflects in their safe fashion choices. Break the uniformity of your repetitive style and add a little fun to your wardrobe. Take a few style tips from the 3 out of 5 friends you are still in touch with.

Lucky Number – 6 & 8
Colors for Capricorn – Tilt towards sensuous shades like black, burgundy and brown.

 Pisces – The ruling planet for Pisceans is Neptune, which makes them intuitive. All that intuitive instinct and they still get conned. Trust is a two way street, but Pisceans are often found walking all the way running to a dead end. All that empathy to give yet they receive none when it comes to acknowledging their distinctive sense of style. Drawn towards romantic and flowing silhouettes, Pisceans need to broaden their style horizon by adding a little grunge and edge to their goody-two-shoes personality.

Lucky Number – 3 & 7
Colors for Pisces – Aqua blue


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