FSP Bride - Aayushi Laddha

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If you think finding your special someone and tying the knot is the only fairytale a wedding witnesses, then you might be missing the plethora of emotions a bride goes through while selecting her wedding ensemble. One such sweet fairytale that stands out is of #FSPbride Aayushi Laddha’s. Aayushi walks us through her story of saying ‘yes to the dress’ and dolling up. Read on to know more.

[Q] How did you go about planning your wedding?
We wanted our wedding guests to feel the romance and adventure that we as a couple share. We chose Goa — a city full of beaches and beautiful sunsets as our wedding destination, and The Grand Hyatt in Goa for its openness and close association with the grandeur of British architecture and the huge banyan tree present in the lawn. To keep up with our modern and luxe aesthetic, we chose a vibrant colour palette interspersed with jewel tones. We introduced our wedding theme with an elegant invitation featuring an illustration of a tree with it branching out to our lovely pet, Raja. It resembles our first date, which was under a banyan tree, and Raja because he keeps us pet parents together.

[Q] Tell us about your wedding celebrations.
We got married on November 30, 2021. We celebrated our love amongst 250 guests, all our loved ones. It was a two-day celebration comprising a carnival, Sangeet, Haldi, and wedding that was followed by a reception in Ahmedabad.
FSP Bride - Aayushi Laddha
[Q] How did you decide upon your outfits?
I always wanted something traditional yet contemporary, at the same time I wanted my outfit to speak about me, who I am in an extremely artistic way. The moment my husband Kishan and I entered the Falguni Shane Peacock store, he saw a classic red, beautiful Lehenga on a mannequin that had one-of-a-kind texture, patterns and meticulously embroidered motifs that added up to the regal couture quotient. It had the best of traditional as well as contemporary aesthetics. It was from their ‘Marry me in Jaipur’ collection. The colour of the Lehenga was so amazing, it complemented my skin colour. It might sound clichéd but the moment I tried the Lehenga, I knew it was my wedding Lehenga. My mother-in-law, father-in-law, my parents, and Kishan everyone knew this was my wedding Lehenga.

[Q] Why Falguni Shane Peacock?
Falguni Shane Peacock is a complete juxtaposition of traditional, contemporary and understated elegance; the maximalism in their designs is so soothing for the eyes to look at. Their intricate embellished attires and statement blouses have my heart. If you’re going for your wedding trousseau shopping, their store should be a must-visit.

[Q] Describe the moment when you saw yourself as a bride?
The moment I saw myself as a bride, I realised I looked and felt a lot myself. I felt the comfort; felt the love of Falguni Shane Peacock which they bestowed upon this beautiful creation.



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