Welcome to an era where couture is a global celebration and a universal language of fashion that transcends borders. In an ode to this evolution, we’ve captured our edgy, avant-garde couture creations worldwide – from the streets of Manhattan to the exquisite hotels of Udaipur and the charming Lake Como. Flip through our fashion editorial pages for a visual feast. While we celebrate the rise of couture, we also want to applaud tastemakers worldwide who have made couture a mainstay in the fashion landscape. Fashion journalist Manish Mishra has rounded up the top 15 luminaries globally and given a hat tip to their role in elevating fashion on the global map. Speaking of tastemakers, we’ve had conversations with four women who are a force to reckon with in the realm of fashion, journalism and art, who, through decades of experience, have documented some of the highlighting happenings in their respective fields through their illustrations, magazine issues, and think pieces. We discuss their journey and highlight their contributions to the world of fashion and journalism. For the longest time, celebrities have championed showcasing the best of fashion through their appearances and their connection with haute couture brands. Now, for most celebrities, luxury isn’t just about couture but also the beauty and accessories that complete the look. We take a closer look at celebrities who’ve launched perfumes and beauty brands complementing couture. In fact, it’s not uncommon for luxury couture brands to infuse the essence of couture into lucid home decor pieces that are exquisite. We list some such brands, including ours, that have made this calculated move. When talking about luxury, let’s not forget that status bags and luxury watches unquestionably elevate the quintessence of couture. Read our writers’ expert takes on those too! As we gear up for our upcoming show at New York Fashion Week, we provide you with a closer glimpse of what our comeback show of last year was from behind the lens.

Speaking of tailor-made, here’s our cover star Tiger Shroff who was born to a superstar father but charted his own career path as the action hero of Bollywood. Tiger was determined and destined to be one from the word go. Today, he enjoys the fruits of his carefully crafted career trajectory. The Peacock Magazine speaks to him about his process, his drive, and how he wants to keep giving his best in everything he can.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.




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