Daniel Egneus
Sweden-born Daniel Egneus spent more than 20 years creating lucid, dreamy and vibrant illustrations that mirror his inner world. Egneus is currently based in Athens after spending the last two decades all over Europe. It’s his exuberant, colourful and rich life viz. from his life in countries like Rome, Prague, Berlin, London, etc. that finds its way into his artworks. One can find immense depth and beauty in his work. Egneus’ rich repertoire of clients includes names like Haagen-Dazs, BMW, Pepsi Cola Espana, Chanel/Departures Magazine, Playboy, O2 UK, Marie Claire, Time Magazine, Penguin Books and Drambuie Whiskey for which he gained an award in 2004. He has illustrated a children’s book and has been a regular collaborator with the National Theater in Greece for whom he produced illustrated theatre programmes as well as the posters and the animated spots with director Mario Greco for Athens Festival and animations for The National Opera in Athens, Greece.
Daniel Egneus


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