Internationally acclaimed designer duo Falguni Shane Peacock bring to you a collection inspired by a Persian Princess who comes to visit India and finds love in an Indian prince from Junagarh. He takes her to an Indian mela and she gets enchanted by the beauty of the Mela.

​She sees tents ,horses ​,merry go rounds,giant wheels, exotic birds and elephants and gets completely mesmerised. The collection is a depiction of all the things she gets mesmerised b.

The label FALGUNI SHANE PEACOCK is an expression of true luxury inspired by the Royals and colours that are truly bridal. The collection is a must-have for any bride to-be this season. The collection portrays the plush facade and sense of easy style and luxury of the Regal through the use of opulent fabrics like chattily lace, imported organza, tulle, pure satin and Raw silk. The detailed yet delicate work is balanced by the elegance of the colour palette. The collection ranges from delicate shades of gold, frosted almond, champagne, salmon pink and Ivory that celebrate the collection in all its gradeur.

”We are looking forward to presenting at Bombay times Fashion Week. Through this collection we are trying to capture the charm and sheer grandeur of the Junagarh palace and the carnival . This collection encapsulates the essence of a Regal Peacock Bride and groom in ​our signature twist.” says Falguni Peacock.

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