Bill Donavan
Bill Donovan is counted as one of fashion industry’s most accomplished and revered fashion illustrators for all the right reasons. Appointed as an artist-in-residence in 2009 by Christian Dior, he continues to create art for the brand’s beauty line. Donovan is fashion brands’ go-to person for all-thing-luxury and art. It comes as no surprise that his repertoire of clients includes names like Neiman Marcus, St. Regis Hotels, Bergdorf Goodman, L’Occitane and the likes. It’s Donovan’s instinctive ability to communicate the essence of glamour, style and luxury that makes him who he is. Today, he is an artist, author, educator and spokesperson and taking fashion and art to the next level. The next time you walk into the St. Regis, don’t forget to take some time out to admire his iconic painting of the Dior timeline in the hotel’s Christian Dior suite.
Bill Donavan

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