India is a boiling pot of inspiration for the creative visionaries, a country as vast as India, narrows down to multiple states and cities, with their own unique heritage and history, providing folklore from different eras it witnessed. For the newest collection of Falguni Shane Peacock India, we reroute our direction to the magnificently decorated chamber called the Phool Mahal, situated in the colossal Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The Phool Mahal section in the fort is the pure labour of love, with eloquent finesse and eye for detail. It exuberates grandiose in terms of art executed on its walls, right from the gold infused ceilings to the finely carved walls that imitated the natural intersections of the wildflowers and foliage. Coloured mirrors basking the sun creating a unique display of light, enhancing the effect of the colour prism.

Regular traditional embroideries and surface ornamentation have been given rest for this season, vibrant tropical prints with the perfect juxtaposition of stripes, tartan and animal prints have been served instead of ethnic embroideries. Printed lehengas teamed with embellished bomber jackets are unheard of; it’s a refreshing take on a modern-day bridal wear, making the monotonous heavy duty couture fun and quirky. Apart from the breathtaking lehengas, there’s a variety of unconventional silhouettes in the Falguni Shane Peacock arsenal for the upcoming season. Structured gowns imprinted with abstract details from the Phool Mahal, showcase grandeur with modern nuance. The beguiling beauty of the Phool Mahal has been interestingly transcribed on the garments through a balanced play of print and embroidery. Exotic beings like elephants, Peacocks and other majestic animals have been morphed into intricate floral motifs, articulately spaced on the silhouettes, depicting the wilderness around the Palace.

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