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In this issue of The Peacock Magazine, we chatted with Milfort, who opened up about his early days as a stylist, and his aesthetics, and revealed his styling bucket list of celebrities.



Details—the smallest of them–are celebrated stylist Arnold Milfort’s best friend. He takes each of these details to weave a sartorial, one-of-a-kind fashion story, which then comes to life on the covers and fashion editorials of the world’s largest fashion publications including Vogue, Numero, L’Officiel, and many others. Such is his styling artistry that in no time Hollywood’s top celebrities, supermodels and loyal fashion folks wanted Milfort to style them and add his signature touch to their looks.

Q) How old were you when you realised fashion would be the industry you’d like to work in? Was it always your dream to work in fashion?

Arnold Milfort (AM): I will not pretend that I would stay up at night reading Vogue, imagining what it would be like to be in fashion. The truth is–I was 17 and did not want to attend regular school, so I went to a vocational school for a part of the day to get away. I elected the fashion program because it was the easiest. But in doing that, I realised there could be a career in this. I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of career, but I saw a possibility.

Q) What attracted you to the creative side of the fashion industry?

AM: If you are not in the fashion industry, you don’t realise how much work goes into a fashion editorial. People only see the beautiful pictures, no one thinks about the process of getting to the final product. When I realised there was a team of people working diligently in unison to create the perfect photo, I knew I had to be a part of that magic. It’s a hectic process, but I love it.

Q) How did you begin working as a stylist? What was your first breakthrough moment?

AM: I did a fashion story with America’s Next Top Model winner Krista White for a magazine called Fantastics. At that time it was a big deal because the show was so big. No one believed it was my first photoshoot. From then photographers began to contact me for small jobs and test shoots which helped launch my career.

Q) Growing up did you ever think you would end up working with the bigwigs of the fashion and beauty industry?

AM: I never thought I would be in fashion, but I always knew I would be working in the entertainment industry. As a child, I knew my career wouldn’t be a typical 9-5 job. There was always something there–call it intuition. But I knew!



Q) Could you describe your styling aesthetics?

AM: I always want my work to be timeless. I want people to look at my past work and think, ‘This is still relevant now.’ I don’t like to over-accessorize. I like things clean and streamlined, feminine, but always sexy.

Q) What does your usual working day look like?

AM: I think it depends on what I’m working on at that moment. If it’s fashion week, I’m usually in the office from 9 am to (some days) 3 am doing casting, fittings, doing the run of show, hair and make-up tests, finding the right accessories, etc. It’s brutal. Editorial is a bit different besides making the mood board, 90% of that job is emails, contacting the showrooms to request samples, coordinating drop-offs, returns, etc. It just depends on the project.

Q) How do you decide what kind of look works for each of your clients?

AM: I like to get to know them as individuals–who are they, what works for their bodies and so on. It is important to know what makes them feel comfortable and take them out of that comfort zone to show them something they maybe would have never imagined. It’s all about getting your client to trust you.



Q) Does your clothing choice for clients end up inspiring your own personal style? Or vice-versa?

AM: I think everyone who knows me, knows I have a particular style, and I have certain designers that I gravitate to. While I don’t push my style onto my clients, you will see my influence and see that Arnold-touch on whatever I’m working on.

Q) What has been your personal experience as one of the crucial navigators of the fashion industry?

AM: It hasn’t been an easy journey. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to assist anyone or had a mentor guide me through the ups and downs. I don’t have management or PR, so I’ve had to learn through my own mistakes, make snap business decisions, negotiate my rates, do the job and have to fight to actually get paid. There’s a lot that comes with being a creative artist, it’s not always easy. But I don’t see myself doing anything else. This is who I am.

Q) Do you have an absolute favourite styling project, or look, in your career so far?

AM: My favourite styling project would have to be styling Adriana Lima for Numero. She was such a dream to work with. She was so kind and humble, she greeted everyone on the set and made everyone feel appreciated. And it was also my birthday, so she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me a with cake. That made the experience extra special! (laughs).



Q) What was the most significant fashion challenge you have ever had to face while styling?

AM: I’m very competitive but with myself. So I’m constantly spinning the wheel to figure out what the next move is, what’s next for Arnold, and how can I compete with what I’ve already done! Fashion is constantly evolving and if you don’t keep up you can easily get left behind. So it’s a constant race, and with the added component of social media, there’s pressure to always have content and keep posting. It’s a lot to keep up with.

Q) Who do you look up to when it comes to styling?

AM: One of my favourite stylists and inspirations would have to be Patty Wilson. Her contribution to the fashion industry is unmatched, she’s an ICON. I met her years ago while leaving the Chanel show and she stopped me to tell me how fabulous I looked. I was speechless. I could barely get the words out to thank her! (laugh)

Q) What are some of the things that nobody talks about being a fashion stylist?

AM: I don’t think we have enough time in this interview. (laughs) I will say it can be mentally draining, which is why self-care is very important

Q) One celebrity with the most iconic wardrobe.

AM: Grace Kelly.

Q) What fashion trends are we going to see in 2024?

AM: Denim, Denim, Denim! There has been a major resurgence of denim popping up on the runways this season. From Y2K denim to jewelled denim, wide-leg denim, low-rise denim, and distressed denim, designers like Versace, Gucci, Falguni Shane Peacock, Loewe, and Dior, all had denim front and centre on the runway–but it was done in a way you wouldn’t really expect. I’m here for this trend.

Q) What exciting projects are lined up in the upcoming year?

AM: I’m working on several projects at the moment. I’m currently doing creative direction for some brands, but most excitingly–pivoting into film and television, which is a bit scary because it’s new for me. Costume design is completely different but in everything I’ve done God has guided my steps exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Q) Describe yourself when you’re not a stylist.

AM: Homebody. I love my house. I’ve recently gotten into interiors, renovations, remodelling, etc. So, when I’m not home I’m thinking of being home. It’s my happy place.

Q) What passion do you harbour apart from fashion styling?

AM: I love to cook, I love to feed people. I’ve often told my sister we should open a restaurant, so you never know. Stay tuned! (laughs)

Q) What are some of your favourite tech tools?

AM: I hate that I’m saying this, but my cell phone. I can’t do anything without it. And I have two!



Q) Your favourite holiday destination?

AM: My favourite holiday destination would have to be going to Montreal–my family lives there so it’s always a non-stop party, from as soon as I arrive until the day I leave.

Q) A cuisine you enjoy a lot?

AM: I love Mediterranean cuisine. I love going to Greece. The food is so fresh–it’s healthy, filling and delicious all at the same time–and completely different from anything you can get here in NYC.

Q) A book that has impacted you immensely?

AM: I’m currently reading A Man Of God by Jack Graham. It’s a really good book for self-reflection and finding your God-given purpose in life.

Q) Your favourite fashion movies?

AM: The Devil Wears Prada. I don’t think people realise how real that movie is. When I watch it, I can’t believe how much they got it right.

Q) Celebrities on your styling wishlist.

AM: There are so many–Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, Bradley Cooper, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the list can go on forever!

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