Brewing the best of fashion from both worlds, our April issue is an amalgamation of spring prints and divine couture, brought to you through our 2 diverse covers and editorials. Our first cover star, Kartik Aaryan, who cemented his position as nation’s newest heartthrob with his back-to-back blockbuster hits, graced our April cover in a roaring print and a luxe jacket, dominating the season’s hottest trend. From being an industry outsider to now being called a bonafide star, Kartik Aaryan’s journey is one for the books. Celebrating a similar success story from a different continent – Amanda Cerny is a digital doyenne in every sense. She started out as the Internet’s favourite funny girl and has now emerged as a boss lady who collaborated with the fortune 500 brands. Editorials for the month of April showcase fashion on the cusp of two different geographical horizons. Shot in the magnificent city of Jodhpur, we bring to you the ultimate spring fling, and on the flip side is the enchanting couture captured in the icy Alps of Switzerland. We also launched the #iamfsp2.0 campaign this month with a set of fierce women, from different walks of life, dressed in our #fleekslaypopular t-shirt talking about the age of influencers and its impact on fashion. It was a celebration of new-age women who are redefining the norms and tasting success on their own terms.




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