[19] “Many years ago, an incident had happened I had completely forgotten about until I had to rush to the hospital to see one of my daughters. Whilst visiting her, the receptionist called out my name and then a nurse came over to me and said “thank you”. I thought: what for? She then said I’ve been wanting to say what a difference you made to my daughter’s life. I was gobsmacked as she relayed an incident my daughter could remember but I couldn’t for a few moments. Years ago, when walking with my daughter we saw a young high school girl sitting on the foot path very distressed, crying even a bit disorientated. Apparently, she had been bullied by kids who had been throwing food and objects at her. She also had other emotional issues which I didn’t know anything about, so I just picked her up – asked her where she lived, had a little heart-to-heart talk with her in the car, took her home and gave her my name and number. I thought nothing more of it. The nurse told me it had made a big difference to her life, that somebody cared enough to help her. She is fine now and happily married with a couple of kids, and that nurse looked after my daughter. Karma? I don’t know but I felt great.”

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