The term athleisure didn’t just show up in the dictionary a few years ago, its inclusion came with a lifestyle shift that took over the world. As fitness paced from a mere activity to priority, sports leisure became the new staple in the list of must haves. This trend will not be dying anytime soon, on the contrary it has moved up from being just gym clothes to smart casuals, with the addition of cool accessories. Add a fanny pack or team it up with high-top combat boots and some vintage tiny glasses – Congratulations, you have just created the ultimate millennial uniform.

Apart from giant sports brands, design houses have been inclusive of this trend, they have been creating lines that resonate with the ideology of fitness without compromising on the style aspect. Sporty ensembles have seen a complete transformation this decade; it has become more versatile and wearable. The addition of cool sneakers and accessories has amplified its appeal. It no longer restricts you just to the gym – make a coffee run or hit the movies in your joggers and hoodies, ditching those feminine dresses for good. Sporty chic is not a drill, it has brazened to glamleisure and much more. The transition from gym-to-street has never looked trendier, giving your closet a subtle makeover from all the estrogenic clothing it’s filled with. The masses may still have to catch-up but Bollywood style mavens have been serving some Instagram worthy atlesiure looks. From Malaika arora’s casual slayage in a laid-back printed track suit accessorized with her go-to aviators and minimal trinkets to Sonakshi Sinha’s straight up sleek look – extra points for the braided hair and transparent glasses. Both starlets’ dressed in Falguni Shane Peacock’s athleisure line served their functional yet versatile take on the season’s beloved trend.



Vj/actress, fashion mentor and all round girl boss Anusha Dandekar swears by Falguni Shane Peacock’s athleisure line. Here’s what she had to say – “Athleisure has been a trend for so long now and I personally love it. What I like about the trend is that it has come out of the gym and on to the streets. Honestly, I am not a gym person. For me, athleisure is about going to the airport, getting on a flight, sitting around with friends, chilling out having a drink – that’s where I like to sport it. It’s the basic comfort that everybody wants but you still feel sexy in the end. There are two humans who can give you athlesiure and make you feel sexy, cool like the best gangster in town and they are Falguni & Shane Peacock. If you’re wearing a Peacock you’re perfect. And I just want to add that the sports bra in their athleisure line is the sh*t. It fits like a bloody charm.”

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