Owner of her eponymous brand, Seetu Kohli Homes, Kohli is a renowned name in the capital’s design circuit. Her journey began two decades ago, when she launched her first furniture line with her husband Nitin Kohli, after that, there was no looking back. Seetu further extended her horizon by launching the Italian luxury furniture brand Fendi Casa, after which she also roped in brands like Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Ralph Lauren Home, and Gianfranco Ferré Home in India. The architectural expert recently designed the luxurious Falguni Shane Peacock store in Delhi, on which she shared her thoughts.


“Design is so simple sometimes that it can be most complicated, perhaps like a piece of art. It has no rules, just instincts and a fantasy. Having Falguni and Shane as clients were the epitome of collusion of creativity between the client and me, the architect. To create an apt design to display their boundless creativity was one of the most inspiring journeys for me. And I’m quite delighted that it turned out to the way it did – elegant, ritzy and an atmosphere that merges with the soul and spirit of their fabulous creations.”



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