Luxury in fashion is all about authenticity – a classic never goes out of style. Over the years, luxury has evolved and has been transformed into a modernized version that satiates the changing consumer. Lately, the collaborations between high-end luxury names and street labels are having a major moment, as it is the perfect mix for the generation next, who are potential consumers of the future. Luxury has a lot to do with innovation and constant reinvention, as the buyers of luxury goods are tasteful individual who seek art in fashion and have the eyes for detail. Luxury ensembles are all about craftsmanship which intakes painstaking hours and finer elements that are put together with perfection.

As a couture house, luxury is essential to us, our garments endorse grandeur and all things larger-than-life. From the initial illustrations to the final outfits; it is a compilation of innumerable elements that are effortlessly put together to curate a story that instantly elevates attires and makes them timeless. Luxury for us is creating garments that are classics, but with a one-of-a-kind individuality etched to them.

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