Summer orchestrates as the perfect season for the pastel hues to take the centre stage. It is the season of grand Indian weddings across the globe, whether it’s under the Tuscan sun in Italy, or on the beaches of Seychelles with the Peruvian blue backdrop. Nothing blends better with it than soothing sorbet hues. Gone are the days when brides took the easy route by replicating the good old Bollywood songs IRL. Modern brides are decisive and clear headed about what they want; they bring their A-game when it comes to transcribing their vision into reality. They are verily ready to ditch the stark hues for fresher tones to match the aesthetic of their dream wedding. The array of colours to choose from are limitless, brides incorporate the undertones of nature by inculcating tones of powder blue, mauve, rose-gold, millennial pink, aqua, ivory, grey, mint and pale coral in their ensembles. A coy bride is the story of the past; the modern Indian girls are all about adapting the traditions with a hint of alteration.

The FSP brides hail from different parts of the world, but with a common agenda to look ethereal on their big day. A big shift has been seen in the later half of this decade, modern girls have rerouted their age-old views for a fresher outlook on how a 21st century bride should be – someone who will be able to let her hair down, to dance the night away commencing the start of something eternal. To style these flamboyant and free-spirited shades of the spectrum, the accessories should be layered and minimalistic. The vibrant palette should be enhanced with tonal embroideries depicting a piece of history or a sublime flora fauna to give it a distinctive retrospect. Sharp tailoring and delicacy are other quintessential to keep in mind. The frill, flare, feather and flounce will be the climaxing elements on the upbeat attires conceptualized for the brides of today.

We reached out to a fashion insider and celebrity stylist Chandni Sareen who was an FSP bride herself. Sareen looked resplendent in a blush hued lehenga on her big day. Here’s what she had to say about the visible shift of palette in the bridal ensembles that came into prominence recently.

1. Why did you choose pastel shades for your wedding function?

“I have always dreamt of having a beach white wedding and what better way than to compliment that with a pastel outfit. The colours in the sand and the ocean were my inspiration”.

2. Which pastel shade do you think suits Indian skin tone a lot?

“Blush tones are my favourite”.

3. How did you accessorise your pastel outfit?

“Kundan Jewellery gave me just what I needed to complete the look”.

4. Why would you recommend pastel shades for brides to be?

“To be honest I’d say sometimes these choices are personal and depend from person to person. But by experience, the pastel shade does make for a scenic fit with the beach setting”.




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