A closer look into Falguni Shane Peacock’s much-awaited comeback at New York Fashion Week

Embarking on something new or restarting a venture can evoke jitters and borderline butterflies in the stomach for many, but not for the designers behind their eponymous brand Falguni Shane Peacock. The dynamic duo, marking a triumphant return at S/S ’24 New York Fashion Week (NYFW), displayed a confidence reminiscent of their debut in 2013. So, what fuels this confidence in them? It’s rooted in the honesty of their craft and an unafraid determination to experiment and tread unexplored paths. In yet another distinctive move, they roped in Hollywood’s A-listed stylist, Law Roach, as the creative director to elevate their vision for their return to NYFW. The trio of Falguni, Shane, and Law put together a successful show, supported by a stellar team including Mathew Curtis, Oribe, The Makeup Academy, Auda B Nails, and the PR expertise of A-game PR. Each contributor brought their A-game truly, contributing to the perfection of Falguni Shane Peacock’s comeback show. Let’s delve into the finer aspects that defined its success.



The world knows Hollywood’s styling bigwig Law Roach and his celebrated list of clientele. What it also knows is that Roach lent his Midas touch at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2023 by taking over as the creative director of the globally renowned fashion house Falguni Shane Peacock. But what it doesn’t know is that the association between the ace stylist and the celebrated designers dates back decades earlier when the former styled Zendaya and the likes in the latter’s creations. So when Falguni Shane Peacock decided to make their comeback at the NYFW, they knew they had to bring Law Roach on board—after their conversation with him when he visited India. “We believe Law’s meticulous approach to fashion aligns seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to perfection; he breathed life into concepts that transcend boundaries and norms. He is unafraid to think outside the box, mirroring the brand’s fearless exploration of new dimensions in fashion,” Falguni Shane Peacock said.



“I had the opportunity to go to Mumbai in April and I fell in love with the culture. I fell in love with everything you would think you could fall in love with in India—the workmanship, the beading, the kindness of the people, the smells, the colours. I didn’t know this was going to happen, so I took all my inspiration and I banked it. And when I got a call from my friends (Falguni Shane Peacock) here, I said it makes so much sense because I can do it from a real place. I’m not doing it from what I saw on the internet, I’m doing it from what I experienced myself. So I said yes. We didn’t have to think about if I’ll say yes and I’ll do it. And then they allowed me to bring Mumbai to New York and New York to Mumbai. A collision of both cultures. And that’s what you saw,” Law Roach said when talking about his inspiration and the association.

But Law didn’t jump on the bandwagon immediately. He studied and derived his idea of the ‘Peacock Girl’ for whom this collection was made. “This (Peacock) girl is cool, she loves India, she loves beading, she loves embellishments, but she also loves New York, right! So, that’s why you saw the hats and the sweatshirts that will be done in Cashmere for all you guys to buy. And this is something that she feels she could wear on a subway. She throws a hat on to protect her hair. She gets off and she tosses the hat and she brushes her fingers through her hair and she’s all ready for an event. She does it her way, right. So yeah, that’s our girl and that’s what we settled on,” he said, while briefly explaining the looks that were unveiled at the show.

The collection named 2.O effortlessly melds the raw edginess of street aesthetics with the grandeur of demi-couture luxe. The essence of dualities takes centre stage, where daywear conquers the night, roughness coexists with refinement, and subtlety dances with the statement. The audience will see a new perspective on how to wear the brand’s signature luxe pieces – think pairing a sweatshirt with a luxe skirt or a luxe jacket with sweatpants.



Renowned hair artist Matthew Curtis is a beauty industry veteran with professional experience of many, many years. Nicknamed as the ‘mane man’ for most of the high-profile events globally, Curtis has been long associated with Falguni Shane Peacock where he gave hair makeovers at some of their successful NYFW shows. It was only right to have him on board as the hair artist for their comeback show. For this show, Curtis used hair extensions and braided them to bring an Indian element to the look. To add a signature Manhattan touch, the ends of the braid were painted cerulean blue akin to Shane Peacock’s beard.

The makeup for this event was skilfully executed by the award-winning institute, The Makeup Academy. Before the show, Law Roach conveyed the memo for the look he desired. ‘I’m in India, it’s hot but I’m fierce,’ were his words for the looks keeping the collection in mind. Adhering to this vision, the academy’s accomplished professionals crafted a fuss-free, clean, and dewy appearance. Subtle contouring accentuated facial features, achieving a classic yet natural effect. The final touches included two essential accessories: bangles, paying homage to India, and a cap, as a nod to the chic city girl vibe of Manhattan.



Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this collection carries a deeper significance. It’s important to note that this entire collection has been brought to life by skilled artisans, dedicated craftsmen, and their wives in the villages of Malihati, Islampur, Midnapore, Kharagpur and Marhtala in West Bengal. These artisans are part of the Peacock Foundation’s extended family—an initiative that embraces, supports and empowers the communities in these villages. By adopting these villages, the Peacock Foundation has not only woven intricate designs but has also woven a stronger social fabric.



In the hours leading up to the show, Falguni Shane Peacock were nothing but sheer excited. As the models and crew gathered backstage, the atmosphere buzzed with palpable energy, creating an electric anticipation for unveiling their latest collection. The designers’ enthusiasm echoed through every meticulous detail as the final touches were applied. And everyone present backstage worked with a collective dedication towards a singular goal – perfection.

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