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Launched in 1983, Ralph Lauren Homes Collection was a revelation in an era where luxury brands took calculated risks with measured moves. Converting clothing fabrics to create virile bed sheets and covers is how the fashion genius started his endeavor that has now been withstanding for 30 successful years. “I’m never just one person,” quoted Lauren when asked about his versatile take on designing different homes. His multi-faceted visions for modern day homes reflect through his distinctive design approach towards spaces in 21st century. The labour of his rich aesthetic translates in all kinds of homes, whether it’s a plush Manhattan abode or a beach abiding villa in Mexico.

Think homes that are contemporary yet timeless. Creating a lounge like mood by keeping it eclectic but retaining its homely essence. Ralph Lauren Homes advocate’s rich colour palettes with dashes of flavour from different cultures. Symmetrically paneled windows, functional spaces with sleek wooden coffee tables, L shaped recliners with exotic upholstery in an offsetting play of colour became a winning formula.

A refined combination of various styles monopolizes Ralph Lauren Homes into one of the most discrete design homes. Mixing traditional tapered pieces of furniture with antique, rustic and art deco equipment make for an avant-garde pattern for homes. Modular book shelves, chateau mirrors, chiseled coffee tables, reclining sofas, chaises, credenzas and consoles, cocktail ottomans, four poster beds and vintage lamps are some of the best offerings from the legendary tastemaker’s collection. Luxury spelt through décor is what Ralph Lauren Homes is all about.




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