15 years of a prolifc journey, excitement has a new defnition for us. It, now, is more about the embodiment of an idea we conceptualize than about who we dress it on. Success is often measured on its peak, but the real assessment of it can only be estimated through the journey. The world of fashion is vast, competitive and constantly evolving. Amidst the chaos, creating a brand with a unique identity and sustaining it in the long run, is an important principle you need to instil early on. Consistent innovation, experimentation and faith in your design ideology are certain traits our Creative Directors, Falguni Peacock and Shane Peacock place their bets on. They have played a substantial role in moulding the face of fashion in the last decade, and have also successfully placed Indian fashion on the global map. From being one of the frst Indian designers to dress international celebrities like Beyoncé, Fergie, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato and Mariah Carrey to showcasing collections on international runways and retail stores, label Falguni Shane Peacock has been paving the way to global success. “If you want to make your designs work internationally, you need to shift your perspective according to the clientele there, which is very different from what we have here. When our frst collection had a 98% per cent sell out at Harrods, we knew we found our clientele and that’s when we decided that we wanted to present our collections internationally. We started with Miami Fashion Week and then moved onto L.A Fashion Week, where we thought all the glamour was. But only after we did shows in London and New York we realized, how dominating world fashion capitals are.So it is very important to not get too comfortable, and constantly challenge yourself to grow bigger and reach further, pushing your limit is necessary for every creative feld,” says Shane.
“When building a fashion brand you have to put piece by piece together by yourself. We had worked with great teams who enabled us to extend our horizon and that’s how ended up doing 9 back-to-back show at London Fashion Week,” quoted Falguni. “It is important to have a receptive mind. When we were in London, it actually shaped our aesthetic to be more edgy and grungy, we found our style and then we added our own spin to it. So from flowing resort wear, we moved on to structured edginess. Our design sensibilities were changed and that’s how we coined the identity of our brand”, Shane added. “For a brand to grow from strength to strength, the individuals behind it have to work towards it with a collective mindset and a unanimous vision, which was exactly what led to Falguni Shane Peacock’s international growth. After garnering international success, we worked towards frming our feet in our soil by venturing into the diverse Indian bridal market. Although India had it’s set of perception about bridal wear, we decided to upscale it by adding a plethora of new-age designs with unconventional elements, colours and cuts to give the millennial bride a chance to look modern-chic while paying homage to her traditions and culture” said Falguni. There is no secret or a well-mapped plan for success, but what you can do are trial-anderrors. Make mistakes, learn from them and then try harder. Find your USP and do not trade it for any amount of short term success. Grow with every situation you go through, grasp every opportunity that comes your way, only when you think big, you can achieve bigger. Do not just plan, execute it with complete precision and constantly learn, no matter how accomplished you think you are.








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