Entertaining, captivating, and subtle mockery, Pushpamala’s artworks subvert the norms of society, past and present. Based in Bangalore, Pushpamala studied sculptor work at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She started off with sculptor work but shifted to photography and video work by the later part of 90s and acknowledges Bhupen Khakhar, painter, and her friend, who inspired her to make this shift. Pushpamala has been conferred with many awards like National Film Award (1984), Senior Fellowship at the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development (1995–97), a Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship (1992–93) and an Arts Collaboration Grant from the India Foundation for the Arts (2000).

Referencing pop-culture, movies, history, and literature, Pushpamala wittily and not-so-subtly mocks the cultural scenario of the country. Pushpamala often uses herself as the subject and model for her photographic, video, and performing art, which are feminists in nature. The artworks explore the gender stereotype throughout history and merge social, cultural, and religion to showcase the dynamics of the nation.




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