Solano’s paintings depict identities and stories of their acquaintances and people on the silver screens. But the real potency of Solano’s expression is realized when the viewer learns that their artworks are painted entirely from memory. Solano, who is non-binary and prefer plural nouns, lost their sight in 2013 from an HIV related infection, at the age of 26. Since then, Solano has depended on painting to escape the pain and seek temporary refuge. The burst of colour and life in their paintings is aptly paralleled with the vivaciousness of New York City. ICA Miami artistic director Alex Gartenfeld said of Solano: “Whether it’s through an ambitious approach to painting or a radical use of video, their work across mediums is as deeply personal as it is constantly evolving. For their powerful take on identity and memory, Manuel represents a new voice in art and creativity.”




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