Infusion of bold colour in makeup has been a major trend in 2018, and it continues to dominate in the New Year. Gone are the days when people played safe with beauty, now it’s all about the game-changing beauty looks. Addition of colour has given the regular beauty looks a much-needed upgrade. Bright hues of pink, electric blue, emerald green, summery yellow and bronze are the ace shades that are incorporated to attain the young and fresh look. While introducing colour to your makeup routine, make sure you maintain the balance by keeping one of your feature muted, for the colour to pop out without looking over the top. You can also play with your glam look by keeping your colour palette monochromatic, but the key is to use different shades and depth of the same colour on your eyes and lip, for it looks accentuated. Another key colour trend to bookmark is the coloured mascara trend, get over the regular charcoal black mascara and replace it with fun colours like royal blue and bottle green.


Photography by- Toranj Kayvon


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