Frida Wannerberger
Sweden-born, London-based artist Frida Wannerberger has always had a keen interest in the psychology of dressing up. But naturally, when she started roving towards art, she found herself exploring the relationship between a dress and the objectification, thereof. Wannerberger took to her artboard and started creating portraits that came with subtle narratives. It was her way of commenting on current affairs and boiling issues clubbed with her personal observations and reflections. Her whimsical fashion illustrations capture the fictional female characters decked up in puffed-up outfits.Through her art, Wannerberger allows her viewers to have the freedom of forming their own association with the former. She has been commissioned by Bonhams Auction House, The Wallace Collection and the likes. Her works have been exhibited alongside Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Mount Street Curates and featured in Harper’s Bazaar Art.
Frida Wannerberger

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